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each student
day ticket + food + drink 27,50
day ticket 17,00
day ticket from 11.00 a.m. 17,00
day ticket from 12.00 a.m. 16,00
day ticket from 13.30 a.m. 13,50
2 days 33,00
3 days 49,00
4 days 64,00
5 days 77,00
6 days 89,00
7 days 98,00
8 days 108,00
9 days 117,00
10 days 126,00
11 days 135,00
12 days 144,00

School groups with more than 20 pupils from Austria and abroad up to the 13th grade, holiday season excluded, 1 free ticket for accompanying person for 10 paid tickets
Valid from Monday – Friday, except holiday period. Booking in advance is required.
Early registration for school trips is necessary. Therefore, a written confirmation of the school is needed to confirm the school trip.

Tariffs/seasonal periods/regulations: Changes possible! (Provisional status as of 25.08.2023)
The prices listed here are based on a calculation as of August 2023. However, the further development of the factors relevant for this calculation (e.g. energy costs, inflation, etc.) cannot be estimated at the moment. Therefore, it may be necessary to recalculate the prices in the event of corresponding developments. We must therefore reserve the right to adjust the ski pass prices at a later date, in any case before the purchase of a ski pass. In any case, the price announced at this (later) point in time must be paid. Please also note our General Terms and Conditions at www.sonnenkopf.com.

General conditions

The general regulations rate, price lists and official carriage approved conditions are components of the carriage contract. With the purchase of a ticket, the traveller acknowledges the following provisions and undertakes to abide by them.

Members of "SKI ARLBERG" operate their respective cable cars and lift installations as well as ski slopes and routes at their own liability and on a legally independent basis. The acquisition of a ticket for the "SKI ARLBERG" ski region entitles the traveller to use the ski regions covered by the "SKI ARLBERG". The actual carriage contract is only with the cable car or lift company whose installations or ski slopes and routes are used by the traveller.

the operation and use of the cable cars and lift installations or ski slopes and routes shall only therefore be exclusively assumed by the cable car or lift company, in whose ski region the incident occurs. “SKI ARLBERG” is not liable for other participating cable car and ski lift companies!